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Many are financing their repatriation through ventures they may have years of experience in or a keen interest in a new area like farming. The fact is the peace of mind, security and returns can be amazing. So is the feeling of helping others on the continent do something for themselves.

Qualified finance, legal and business professionals

We have a highly qualified team of finance, legal and business professionals who verify and validate all projects personally and legally connect your investment to the project assets wherever possible (Land, Equipment or Machinery). We also encourage and can facilitate a hands on approach of actually meeting (in person or online) and communicating with your new fishing rod partners. In many cases serious backers will work full time on the project too.
How it Works

Getting involved is easy!

If you are planning on taking a hands-on approach
with your investment we can arrange a site visit and face-to-face meetings.

(Due to Covid -19 this may be via video).

Once this is complete our legal team will draw up contracts to
outline terms and the security of your investment.

Then you can put your fishing rod to work.


If you simply wish to support those who are trying to start a business in Africa, we have made it possible for you to donate that which you have spare.

Newsletters and updates from a member of our team will be provided on a quarter basis to keep you up to date with their progress.

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