Housing & Real Estate Development

There are various opportunities available for investors in real estate and construction sector of Zambia. • There is a project for civil servants housing through which government will provide necessary guarantees to public private partnership. The project includes 100 flats for civil servants based on rent to buy scheme including infrastructure and social amenities development. This project also includes Urban renewal program which includes construction of 12,500 flats with roads, sewerage and water.

The Konkola Housing, Lumwana Housing and Kaluimbia Housing projects. In Konkola housing, 51,000 flats are to be constructed, 10,000 flats in Lumwana Housing and 8,000 flats in Kaluimbia housing. All these projects are due to complete before 2030 in Zambia.

As the Zambian economy is showing positive signs, the country has jointly set a program with collaboration of the UN called Green Jobs Programme. It is a project focused on creating more and better green jobs in the Zambian real estate and construction industry especially medium and lost cost housing. The plan is to create 5,000 new green jobs and 2,000 better green jobs including social security, gender equality, labor law and health and safety. This program is currently in the implementation phase, completing in 2017.