About Us

Our parent company Next level Developments (NLD) is a company born out of the need for the Black African Diaspora to return and play an active role in the development of Africa. The vision of CEO Kareem Muhammad is simple; to unite the people, finance, skills and experience of the Black African diaspora with the resources of Africa and its people.

Starting with friends and family he has built NLD into a serious company gaining invaluable support from shareholders and our board of directors from the diaspora and also professional Zambians. In less that 18 months we had amassed 2,500 hectares of land, cars, trucks, machinery and equipment

Fishing-rod.co is uniquely positioned to make the most of this opportunity by serving the needs of the diaspora and the continent.

Having applied for and received investors status in Zambia, we are now looking at building strong profitable partnerships with existing Zambian companies and innovative start-ups to build a foundation for the future in which the diaspora and the continent will build together for the benefit of us all.

Working with our Zambian Partners we have been researching important economic sectors for growth while connecting with those at the grassroots to understand their needs. We are focused on all forms of agriculture, logistics and modernisation. We are constantly looking for progressive opportunities to promote to the diaspora and this has been well received and is gaining momentum through our regular online conferences.

You can support a project as an individual, as family or a community group. Some of our projects will take a standard crowdfunding approach. As we begin we will restrict projects to Zambia so we can monitor validity, progress and safeguard our users.

Help someone build their businesses with fishing-rod.co. And let your investments come to life.

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